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Teacher’s Corner

A staff with a collective belief that what they do CAN and WILL make a difference in student achievement provides the greatest chance of student success. As with any busy group of talented people, we can often find ourselves living in our own silos based on our roles, on our assigned projects, or just our own interests.

Leader’s Corner

As a reflective leader, you constantly assess, analyze, adjust, and take action. When reflecting on the Blueprint systems that you have installed (or will be installing), take a moment to identify some next steps for you and your district.

Blueprint Connections

How might Leadership, Instructional Infrastructure, and Student Support interconnect? As you continue to deepen your understanding of the Blueprint Framework, the more you’ll discover the interconnectedness amongst the various Blueprint components.

So What? Now What? . . . Take Action!

Our intent with this issue of the Blueprint Bulletin is to encourage those who attended the institute to move to action; for those who weren’t able to join us, please connect with your SWFT facilitator to determine how s/he can support you and your district by embedding the learning around leadership, instructional infrastructure, and student support as your district builds and strengthens these areas.