Technical Assistance Grant Blueprint Framework

The Technical Assistance Grant provides support to districts with schools identified for Comprehensive Support (CSI), Targeted Support (TSI) or Additional Targeted Support(ATS) to assess, enhance, and create systems and routines that positively impact student learning and educator practices.  The Blueprint Framework is based on research in the fields of school reform, improvement and implementation sciences, and organizational change.

Statewide Field Team

  • Highly-Trained and Specialized Staff
  • Support Implementation and Enhancement of Systems and Routines
  • Coach and Facilitate Adult Learning
  • Collaborate and Coordinate with ISD/ESAs

Side-by-Side Technical Assistance

  • Provide Face-to Face & Virtual Support
  • Plan for Data-Based Decisions
  • Support Development of Central Office and Building Leader Partnerships
  • Connect Systems to the Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process

Professional Learning Opportunities

  • Face-to-Face 
  • Virtual 
  • Customized 
  • SCECHs Available


  • Superintendents
  • Central Office Leaders
  • Building Leaders
  • Online Resources

    • Instructor-Guided Online Learning
    • Self-Paced Online Courses
    • Resources and Tools 
    • Data Visualizations
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