Welcome to the first edition of the Blueprint Bulletin!  We want to start by reminding you of the vision of the Statewide Field Team (SWFT). The SWFT is dedicated to providing local districts and the ISD/ESAs who support them with the intense support needed to assist them in systemic reconfiguration for the sole purpose of … More Welcome

Why become a Data-Driven, Decision-Making Organization?

The ultimate goal of a data-driven, decision-making district is to improve student outcomes. This means collecting, analyzing, and responding to relevant data to improve teaching and learning. A data-driven, decision-making district is focused on results and develops a culture of collective responsibility for improving student outcomes. So when you think of being a data-driven, decision-making … More Why become a Data-Driven, Decision-Making Organization?

Leader Corner: Performance Management

Blueprint districts monitor, track, and adjust the system installation progress and the impact on student, teacher, and leader performance by installing the Performance Management Driver System.  District leaders need to keep a finger on the pulse of the installation of the systems, driver systems, and building routines throughout the entire organization and be vigilant about … More Leader Corner: Performance Management