Teacher’s Corner

Small System Cycles

Teachers have the single largest impact on what students learn in the classroom. What teachers do and say, how they present content, how they provide feedback, how they provide additional support when needed, and how they build relationships with students makes a difference in the learning of the students in their classrooms.

Data-driven, Decision-making Organizations

Reflect on the last time you looked at student data from your classroom. Was it today? Yesterday? Last week? Or last month? Most likely, you look at student data of some kind every day, how might you analyze the data to determine the story the data tells? Data often needs interpretation, context, and deep thinking.

The Power of Feedback

Quality feedback is essential for student growth. Grant Wiggins states that ā€œlearners need constant feedback more than they need endless teaching.ā€ Students need feedback that focuses not only on specific areas for growth, it should also focus on what they are already doing well.

Change & Transition

As a teacher you need to be aware of your own reaction to change and your own inner journey through the three phases of transition. Realizing that you are not alone and that others are experiencing the transition is reassuring.