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Blueprint Connections

Blueprint Connections

“Systems Thinkers shape a worldview based on the realization of interconnectedness.”  ~ Pearl Zhu Dan Heath uses Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) improved graduation rates as an example in his book.  CPS’ graduation rate was 52% in 1997.  By shifting to upstream thinking, eliminating problem blindness, taking ownership for the problem, and putting systems in place, …

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Blueprint Connections

How might Leadership, Instructional Infrastructure, and Student Support interconnect? As you continue to deepen your understanding of the Blueprint Framework, the more you’ll discover the interconnectedness amongst the various Blueprint components.

Blueprint Connections – Appreciative Leadership and Positive Framing

Where in the Blueprint might you find evidence of Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership?  If you are thinking, “it’s throughout”, you are absolutely right!  As you review the following Blueprint components, reflect on the strengths of your district and school and how you might contextualize this thinking.  Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership is embedded in …

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Blueprint Connections – Small System Cycles

The Blueprint’s foundational research is based on work in both education reform and improvement science. Small System Cycles function to intentionally integrate components from different systems and routines within the Blueprint. Educating students is a complex endeavor. Making sustained improvements in educational systems means seeing the interconnectedness of components, practices, and actions from a number of systems and routines to maximize the impact on leading, teaching, and learning.