Connecting Big Ideas

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.”

~ W. Edwards Deming

As you think about moving upstream, the Virtual Blueprint Institute VII, scheduled for August 4-5, will support you and your team with upstream thinking and continuous improvement planning.  Not only will connections be made to the seven questions for upstream thinking, this Institute will have learning and discussion around how to refine the systems in our districts, schools, and classrooms.  This year we welcome two keynote speakers to our virtual institute.  On August 4, Manny Scott will share real, life-changing lessons and support participants in learning to transform our schools into safe, positive environments where adults are equipped to reach all students. On August 5, Jenni Donohoo will provide the foundation for understanding the source of collective efficacy for teachers and school leaders as well as the significant impact collective efficacy has on student achievement.  There are daily networking opportunities that will allow for discussion around relevant topics and district highlights. Our 90-minute learning sessions will be action-focused providing examples, tools, and/or protocols that will support all efforts toward continuous improvement.  As you read through the session titles below, take note of how these sessions will assist you and your colleagues to transform into upstream thinkers, build a positive climate and culture, as well as have a deeper understanding of how collective efficacy and its impact on student achievement will support your planning and actions for the 2021-22 school year!

SessionConnections to: Upstream Thinking, Continuous Improvement, Collective Efficacy, and/or Climate/Culture
Keynote:  How to REACH Youth TodayClimate/Culture
Networking:  Transforming Our Schools Into Safe, Positive EnvironmentsClimate/Culture
Networking:  Equipping All Adults to Reach StudentsClimate/Culture
Networking:  Cultivating Healthy Relationships With StudentsClimate/Culture
Moving Forward: Impacting the Whole Child in an Equitable WayUpstream Thinking, Continuous Improvement, Collective Efficacy, Climate/Culture
Developing a District Curriculum: Supporting Teacher Focus and Student LearningUpstream Thinking
Using Non-Academic Data to Identify Student NeedsUpstream Thinking, Continuous Improvement
Engaging Students to Impact LearningCollective Efficacy
Monitoring Curriculum ImplementationUpstream Thinking, Continuous Improvement,
Leveraging the Blueprint Framework to Support MICIPUpstream Thinking, Continuous Improvement
Keynote:  The Power of Collective EfficacyCollective Efficacy
Networking:  Supporting Teacher Collective Efficacy Through Teacher Collaborative TeamsCollective Efficacy, Continuous Improvement
Networking:  Supporting Leadership Efficacy Through Learning Focused PartnershipsCollective Efficacy, Continuous Improvement
Networking:  Leveraging Instructional Leadership Routines to Support Teacher Collective EfficacyCollective Efficacy, Continuous Improvement
Educator Stress: Where Does It Originate? What Can I Do About It As a Leader?Upstream Thinking, Collective Efficacy, Climate/Culture
Linking Leadership to Student Learning: The Contributions of Leadership EfficacyUpstream Thinking, Collective Efficacy, Climate/Culture
Teachers Help Teachers – The Power of Examining Student WorkUpstream Thinking, Collective Efficacy
Regaining Our Balance: Improving Teaching and Learning through a Balanced-Assessment SystemUpstream Thinking, Continuous Improvement, Collective Efficacy
Everyone Needs a CoachUpstream Thinking, Collective Efficacy, Climate/Culture

The Leader’s and Teacher’s Corner sections will support you with deeper thinking around connections to upstream thinking, continuous improvement, collective efficacy, and climate/culture.

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