Upstream Thinking . . . How to avoid harm?

We currently offer 2 courses for on-demand learning. Anyone can access quality content, on their schedule, anytime of the day or night. On-Demand Learning offers flexibility, convenience, and courses that are easily accessible. No login required. 

  1. Educational Improvement Through Systems – This course will address a variety of ideas around systems and how they apply to the work you do in your classrooms, schools, and districts. This course is designed to help you learn about systems by looking at examples of systems from your daily life and your experiences in schools.  Approximately 5 hours to complete.   
  2. Changing Minds to Address Poverty in the Classroom – This course is based on the work of Eric Jensen who has conducted extensive research and authored numerous books on children living in poverty. His latest work focuses on how schools and teachers can impact and enrich the learning environment to increase the likelihood of success for students living in poverty.  Approximately 12 hours to complete.

2021 Virtual Summer Events – Registration is now open for BOTH of our Summer Events. To learn more and register, visit our Summer Events 2021 webpage!

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