Upstream Thinking . . . Uniting the Right People

Timely Topics

The focus for the Leadership Network for Building and Central Office Leaders on November 12, from 9 – 11 a.m. will be:

  • making connections to upstream thinking . . . How might you support your district/school in addressing problem blindness, tunneling, and lack of ownership to move upstream?  
  • deepening understanding of observations and formative feedback and what that might look and sound like in a remote learning environment
  • Networking with colleagues from around the state around a problem-of-practice 

The Superintendent Network, scheduled for November 19, from 9 – 10 a.m., will focus on: 

  • Empowering principals around instructional improvement
  • Learning Focused Partnerships focusing on instructional improvement

SWFT Online interactive courses, Winter I Term, are quickly approaching and begin on November 18. 

Changing Minds to Address Poverty in the Classroom is a powerful course for instructional staff.  Based on the work of Eric Jensen, this course provides background on the effect of living in poverty has on students’ brains and their learning in the classroom. The course moves beyond the theory and provides practical classroom strategies that enrich the learning environment and increase the likelihood of success for students living in poverty. Participants will explore seven essential mindsets shown to positively impact student learning. This course provides strategies and tools to make changes in your classroom so students living in poverty have a greater chance of learning what they need to succeed in your classroom and in life.

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