Welcome to the first edition of the Blueprint Bulletin! 

We want to start by reminding you of the vision of the Statewide Field Team (SWFT). The SWFT is dedicated to providing local districts and the ISD/ESAs who support them with the intense support needed to assist them in systemic reconfiguration for the sole purpose of positively impacting the lives of Michigan’s children.  We are committed to this vision and will support district superintendents and their teams in this critical endeavor to educate each and every student. 

You may have noticed the SWFT has made a few adjustments. First, we are operating under a  few guiding statements that will help us better support your installation of systems and routines. One of our guiding statements is to build internal capacity within each of you to lead this important work each day for each child. Another is to support you in becoming an efficient data-driven, decision-making organization and that SWFT becomes more responsive to your district needs.     
Another adjustment is the format and timing of the Blueprint Bulletin.  Through a survey, we invited you to provide us input into how we would modify our supports. So what is changing based on your feedback? We will no longer have a separate blog for each role in the district, we will not continue with the video or audio podcasts, live Twitter chat or the live webinar series. Your feedback indicated you prefer your learning to be in shorter chunks, customizable to your immediate needs, you want connections to research as well as have more district examples of what’s working and what’s not working and what other districts have learned. You want to navigate through the learning and information to determine what best fits you and your district.  This newsletter format should provide you with what you indicated would be most helpful. This format may include text, video, audio, and links to research.