Leader Corner: Performance Management

Blueprint districts monitor, track, and adjust the system installation progress and the impact on student, teacher, and leader performance by installing the Performance Management Driver System.  District leaders need to keep a finger on the pulse of the installation of the systems, driver systems, and building routines throughout the entire organization and be vigilant about each buildings’ progress toward meeting students’ annual performance goals. Additionally, the district needs to determine what supports buildings might need to meet their annual goals and to then to deploy district resources to ensure this happens.

You cannot overemphasize the importance of the district’s role in performance management.  If a building is not on track, what can the district do to ensure the building gets back on track? The district responds when building performance is off track by shifting resources (coaching, support personnel, teaming, problem solving, strategizing, finances) to help the leader and teachers move the needle on performance to ensure success. The district holds the key to systemic reconfiguration, and this is clearly evident when a building is not on track to meet performance targets. No longer are the building leader and teachers left alone to “figure it out.”  District personnel immediately roll up their sleeves and work together with the building to right the ship.

At both the building and district levels, there are three overarching questions you are trying to answer with the Performance Management Driver System. 

  1. Are we on track (given the time of year) to meet our annual performance goals? How do we know? What data tells so? 
  2. If not, what can we do to put us back on track?
  3. If we are on track, what will we do to make sure we stay on track?

You already know that Performance Management is as much about collecting and analyzing data (using the district’s problem-solving driver system) to determine progress as it is about holding impactful conversations about the data to determine the right next steps to either stay or get back on track. Staying on track and getting back on track are accomplished through the combined efforts of the building and district leaders. Impactful conversations during Learning-Focused Partnerships in the Leadership Network District System as well as throughout the Performance Management Driver System clearly define what needs to be done at both the building and the district so that progress is maintained or accelerated.