February 11, 2019

Today, we had the incredible honor to spend the day with about 40 Blueprint installing superintendents from all over the state.  It is always an incredible day to have this much energy, enthusiasm, and commitment all in one room talking about the journey we collectively share to disrupt  the educational landscape and save the lives of Michigan’s children.

I hope those of you who have been out of school due to Mother Nature’s wrath will be able to open your doors, welcome your staff and students, and return to whatever seems normal for mid-way through February.   These past weeks have been incredibly challenging for district leaders, but think about how incredibly challenging these weeks have been for our most vulnerable families. Best wishes to all of you and to all of them as we come back together again.

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I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with some Blueprint installing district leaders, ISD facilitators, and our own SWFT facilitators.  We were talking about immediate needs and recent successes in this complicated work.  

As we talked about some recent milestone meetings,  one of our ISD colleagues introduced the concept of the district being unrecognizable.  She was speaking about the fact that the district is almost unrecognizable in terms of what it looked like when she was first introduced to the district and when she first started working with the district five years ago to what it looks like now.  The Blueprint  has provided the systemic framework that this district uses to build adult capacity, change practice, and realize very different results for teachers, leaders, and students.  “It’s a very different district than it was. It’s virtually unrecognizable.” I loved this word “unrecognizable” and thought it was a great way to help us progress monitor to what degree we have disrupted the status quo.  

How do we measure the degree to which we are unrecognizable or even on the journey to becoming unrecognizable? That’s performance management and that’s the topic of today’s edition of Blueprint Symposium.  Check it out.  We’re now on iTunes.  Subscribe today and every new podcast will go directly to your phone.

So let’s take a minute and reflect.

To what degree is your district unrecognizable from what it was when you began this journey?  What do you need to make it even more unrecognizable that what it currently is?

Let’s save children’s lives today. They are counting on us.

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