January 29, 2019

Greetings!  Blueprint Installation Central had a snow day yesterday and I’m sure many of you are still out due to this cold, blustery winter storm. Tomorrow’s record low temperatures will, no doubt, continue to disrupt our everyday lives throughout this last week in January.  Is spring just around the corner?

In today’s edition of BP Installation Central, you’ll see the second episode of Blueprint Symposium and the debut of the Lincoln Park Story.  I hope you’ll find both of these to be incredibly helpful to you in your work.  

The  Blueprint Dialogue Series is in full swing!.  These new resources allow us to dig a little deeper into some really good thinking and they allow us to extend meaningful dialogue with you, our many colleagues, in the Blueprint Network.

We hope you’ll share these new resources with anyone in your district who can benefit from this ongoing dialogue.

The Blueprint Dialogue Series has a permanent home. You can find out more about blogs, vlogs and podcasts and connect directly to them from this page. You will find the image on the left on the Blueprint Tools and Resources Home page.

Blueprint Symposium, is a bi-weekly companion to Blueprint Installation Central.  Here we will dig deeper into issues and ideas we presented in the blog, but now in greater detail. Listen when it’s convenient and use these podcasts to build capacity and deepen understanding within your district.  A new episode is available today. Click the image on the left to go directly to Episode 2. 

Blueprint Extra! is a bi-weekly video companion that will focus even more tightly on issues and thinking presented in the blogs and the symposium.  Following each episode, we’ll invite you to a twitter chat session scheduled for that week to continue the discussion in real-time. This vlog launched last week.  To access this inaugural edition click the image on the left.

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I am continually reminded by what Ryan McLeod said to all of us at the Blueprint Institute last summer.  We have to not only put the systems, and routines in place,  but we have to fundamentally do our work differently than we did before or the system won’t work. Now that’s not an exact quote from Dr. McLeod,  but that certainly paraphrases his comments as we think about our work.

How deeply do we collectively understand systemic reconfiguration? What are we doing to build a deep shared understanding of the theoretical construct and the complicated work that we are trying to accomplish in our district? Shallow quick conversations and surface level understanding of the work will not get us where we want to go. We’ve relied on just enough information to get us go because, let’s face it, time is of the essence. Many of us really struggle to find the time we need that we can put on the schedule to bring people together within the district to learn about the work itself, to learn how to do the work, to learn how to organize for the work, and to learn how to sustain the work.  Yet, fundamentally disrupting the status quo, changing how we operate our districts is hard work. The more time we can spend upfront deepening our shared understanding of the work at scale, the more efficiently and effectively we can put those systems and routines in place and then use them to their full capacity.

Disrupting the status quo requires deep thinking and deep understanding of the systems, their interconnectedness, how we support people through the change process, and how we should leverage those systems, drivers, and routines in our everyday work.  

I’m continuing this conversation in today’s episode of Blueprint Symposium. Check it out!

The Technology & Communications team has dramatically upgraded the BP Tools and Resources page on the resource center.  Located right between the tab for the Online Warehouse and the District Data Warehouse is the Online Video Resources tab.  There you’ll find some amazing resources that we’ve been sharing in recent posts. Included there are the TCAPS videos that we’ve been highlighting.  

Today, we’ve added the Lincoln Park Story. Check out this fabulous film documenting their journey.  It debuted last weekend in Lincoln Park and was seen by over 2500 people in just 24 hours.

This week in Automated Tools

After receiving feedback from districts we have changed the wording for the HQI emails to “did not yet meet the vision.”

The wording in the email when Yes is selected for the holistic question is the following:  “Holistically, in terms of teacher actions observed today, the instructional delivery did hit the vision of high-quality Social Studies instruction.”

The wording in the email when No is selected for the holistic question is the following:  “Holistically, in terms of student actions observed today, what students were being asked to do did not yet meet the vision of high-quality Social Studies instruction.”

Questions?  Need assistance? Contact: miexceladmin@calhounisd.org

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Save the Dates!!

We are well underway in planning our upcoming Summer Institutes.  If you haven’t noticed the Save the Dates information on our website, the institutes are scheduled for June 18-20 (Leadership) and Blueprint Institute V for August 6-8.  We’ll be sharing concept and highlights for each of these institutes on February 4, with all the details available on March 4 when registration officially opens.  


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