January 21, 2019

Today we have the tremendous privilege to honor the incredible life-changing legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I can think of no better way to do that then by taking action to live up to our vision of saving lives.  As fierce advocates of equity, equality, and public education, together we have the profound responsibility of continuing his work and advancing the cause of social justice by disrupting the status quo in our districts and schools. I continue to be thrilled as we see evidence of our collective work in disrupting the educational landscape here in Michigan take hold.  

We are really excited to share additional resources to help you and your district avoid the trap of doing but not becoming a Blueprint district.

Last week, we expanded  on our four blogs to build the Blueprint Dialogue Series. These new resources allow us to dig a little deeper into some really good thinking and they allow us to extend meaningful dialogue with you, our many colleagues, in the Blueprint Network.

Blueprint Symposium, is a bi-weekly companion to Blueprint Installation Central.  Here we will dig deeper into issues and ideas we presented in the blog, but now in greater detail. Listen when it’s convenient and use these podcasts to build capacity and deepen understanding within your district.  This podcast was launched January 14.  To access last week’s episode click the image on the left.

Blueprint Extra! is a bi-weekly video companion that will focus even more tightly on issues and thinking presented in the blogs and the symposium.  Following each episode, we’ll invite you to a twitter chat session scheduled for that week to continue the discussion in real-time. This vlog launches today.  To access this inaugural edition click the image on the left.

To subscribe yourself or teams from your district to the blogs, simply email Heather Heitsch, Coordinator of Technology and Communications (heitschh@calhounisd.org)

TCAPS is on the move and disrupting the way we install the Blueprint.  Under the BP leadership of Jame McCall, Associate Superintendent, and the district’s “anointed one,” they have created a plan in which all leaders, i.e, board members, district network members, executive team members,  building leaders, and building network members will utilize a series of courses in the SWFT online learning platform to deepen their collective understanding of the Blueprint and its installation. Focusing on their use of these online resources:  the Diving Deeper Series, Becoming a Blueprint Leader series, and the new Teacher Collaborative Routines series, their plan includes wall-to wall learning, Blueprint technical certification, and the ability to accelerate installation because they can “avoid missteps with better understanding from the beginning,” says Jame McCall.  The plan even includes onboarding new employees, i.e., teachers, leaders, and support staff alike, as they join this Blueprint district.  We’ll be sharing the details of this plan at the next Blueprint Superintendents’ Network in February.  In the meantime, let us know if you would like us to help you put a plan like this in place in your district.  

I am so excited to share with you several amazing new resources.  Larry Burden, Creative Services Manager at Traverse City Area Public Schools is an incredibly talented genius.  He and I (mostly Larry) have created an 11-minute Blueprint overview that is outstanding and he created a series of short videos that connect the Blueprint to various stakeholder groups.  You will see one today here on Blueprint Installation Central and the other on Blueprint Extra!  Thank you, Larry for creating these amazing tools and thank you, TCAPS, for your willingness to share these tools with the entire field.  

This week in Automated Tools

Student and Teacher Action counts in HQI visualizations are now showing the correct count and actions that have not been observed have been added with a count of zero.  Prior to this correction, student and teacher actions were dramatically under-counted. Due to this change, users should select a subject before reviewing teacher or student actions to filter the list to a number that fits nicely on the screen.

Video Tutorials that contain an ever-growing list of video on usage of the tools.

Questions?  Need assistance? Contact: miexceladmin@calhounisd.org

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Save the Dates!!

We are well underway in planning our upcoming Summer Institutes.  If you haven’t noticed the Save the Dates information on our website, the institutes are scheduled for June 18-20 (Leadership) and Blueprint Institute V for August 6-8.  We’ll be sharing concept and highlights for each of these institutes on February 1, with all the details available on March 1 when registration officially opens.  


Materials presented on this Blog including the Online Warehouse were developed with Title I, Part A funds and are in the public domain.