January 14, 2019

Returning from the holiday hiatus, Blueprint Installation Central returns today! We’re back and with a whole new look.  Fresh and redesigned, Blueprint Installation Central celebrates the new year with a new look!  

Happy New Year! Now that the holiday season is but a great memory and our lives have returned to our school routines, I am delighted to extend the Statewide Field Team’s best wishes to you and your districts for 2019.  

We are well underway in planning our upcoming Summer Institutes.  If you haven’t noticed the Save the Dates information on our website, the institutes are scheduled for June 18-20 (Leadership) and Blueprint Institute V for August 6-8.  We’ll be sharing concept and highlights for each of these institutes on February 1, with all the details available on March 1 when registration officially opens.  

We are really excited to share additional resources to help you and your district avoid the trap of doing but not becoming a Blueprint district.

Our goal is simply to surround you and your team with all the tools and resources you need to live and breathe the Blueprint inherit; every day.  There are more resources than any one person can connect to, but there will be a menu of choices to assist you, your leaders, your teachers, and your board.  

Blueprint Installation Central is a brief short read designed to share information with Blueprint leaders, to alert you to changes in the online warehouse, to remind you of upcoming professional learning and networking opportunities, and to continue to explore with you the issues inherent in saving the lives of Michigan’s children.  The more we can talk with you and with your teams, the more successful you will be in realizing this work on a DAILY basis. To that end we created and launched additional bi-weekly blogs for targeted audiences:  Inspire for board members and superintendents, Trailblazers for building leaders and the central office administrators who support them, and Pathfinders for teachers and the building administrators who support them.

To subscribe yourself or teams from your district to the blogs, simply email Heather Heitsch, Coordinator of Technology and Communications (heitschh@calhounisd.org)


Today we expand on our four blogs to build the Blueprint Dialogue Series.  These new resources allow us to dig a little deeper into some really good thinking and they allow us to extend meaningful dialogue with you, our many colleagues, in the Blueprint Network.

Blueprint Symposium, is a bi-weekly companion to Blueprint Installation Central. Here we will dig deeper into issues and ideas we presented in the blog, but now in greater detail. Listen when it’s convenient and use these podcasts to build capacity and deepen understanding within your district. Click image to listen.

Blueprint Extra! is a bi-weekly video companion that will focus even more tightly on issues and thinking presented in the blogs and the symposium. Following each episode, we’ll invite you to a twitter chat session scheduled for that week to continue the discussion in real-time.

Realizing Systemic Reconfiguration is a library of podcasts (soon to be available) that dive deeply into each component of the Blueprint, its installation, and other key ideas and concepts like “at scale” or “the collision between the instructional infrastructure and the student support network.” Let’s tear ‘em apart to understand them, put them back together, and connect them to the entire Blueprint framework.

Fidelity Appraisals are being updated to reflect the importance of both the Blueprint’s Safety Net, the collision between the Instructional Infrastructure and the Intense Student Support Network, as well as the importance of building leadership skills and competencies throughout each level of installation.  

We’ve made the edits to the following fidelity appraisals, and the others are in the works. They are linked here for your convenience, but have also been updated in the Online Warehouse.

On the District Data Warehouse page we have added a Support section.  This section contains Help Center – a link to instructions and troubleshooting, User Listing – a visualization that shows what users have access to each building in your district and Video Tutorials that contain an ever-growing list of video on usage of the tools.

Questions?  Need assistance?  Contact miexceladmin@calhounisd.org

Click on the images below to register for upcoming events. 


Materials presented on this Blog including the Online Warehouse were developed with Title I, Part A funds and are in the public domain.